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Pluma Hidalgo, a trip to the land of the "Best Coffee in the World"

· Between mountains, streams and winding roads, discover where the Café Pluma was born Entering the jungle of the town of Pluma Hidalgo, in the State of Oaxaca, to search for the origins of the best coffee in the world, Café Pluma, for any traveler it is a enriching trip, where the locals who dedicated to cultivating this aromatic, are committed to transmitting their experience and knowledge to all visitors alike. Founded in 1870, Pluma Hidalgo is an extraordinary coffee-growing town, where ...

Origins of Café Pluma

Birth of the town of Pluma-Hidalgo, Oaxaca-Mexico The municipality of Pluma Hidalgo, according to history, was founded by people from the Miahuatlán district, who were only looking for an appropriate place to plant the exotic coffee, they first arrived in San Isidro del Camino to establish their camp there, but the indigenous people of the place expressed their displeasure at the invasion of their lands and went to Pochutla to demand protection, so their attempt to cultivate failed. But they did not happen ...
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